Summit Lubricants

At Stirling Lubricants Inc. in Rochester, NY, we offer top quality air compressor and gas compressor lubricants from Summit Industrial Products.

Air Compressors

Summit has been a leading manufacturers of compressor lubricants worldwide for over 30 years. Summit’s line of air compressor oils fit the needs of all rotary screw, centrifugal or reciprocating compressors as well as protect against extreme pressures, temperatures, wear, and mechanical stress. They are proud to offer a lubricant for every air compressor application available.

In addition their line of air compressor lubricants have numerous benefits including reducing maintenance costs and lubricant consumption as well as energy savings, being environmentally friendly, and increasing operating safety.

A few of Summit’s top Air Compressor lubricants include

  • DSL Series Synthetic compressor oils
  • Lubricant Coolant Synthetic air compressor oil
  • PRF Series Performance lubricants compatible with OEM compressor fluids
  • Supra Coolant Synthetic air compressor oil
  • Ultima Series High performance synthetic air compressor oil

Gas Compressor

Summit has worked hard to create a line of specialty lubricants that go further and work harder than conventional lubricants. Customers have discovered that using specialty gas compressor lubricants can result in significant decreases in lubricant-related operating and maintenance costs.

Summits has a gas compressor lubricants designed for the following applications: Refinery; CO2 Injection; EOR (Enhances Oil Recovery); Fertilizer; Chemical plant; Landfill; Wellhead; Offshore; Fuel gas; Digester gas; Reinjection; Hydrogenation; Vapor Recovery Units (VRU); Membrane separation; BioGas; CNG; Fire flood; and Air drilling issues.

Some of their gas compressor lubricants include:

  • DSL – 100S Synthetic compressor oil
  • FT0 – 100 Synthetic ester based lubricant
  • NGP Series Compressor oils
  • PGS Series Poly-glycol-based synthetic gas compressor oils
  • SH Gas Turbine Oils Synthetic gas turbine oils

Click here to learn more about Summit’s lubricants, or give us a call today at (585) 461-8310.