CITGO Products

CITGO has been producing high quality lubricating greases and oils for more than 85 years. They understand that the specifications and requirements can change drastically from job to job, so they produce an extensive selection of different fluids, greases, and oils, to meet all of their customers needs. At Stirling Lubricants Inc. we are proud to offer a complete line of their products.

CITGO’s Products include:

  • Compressor Products
  • Engine Oils (Automotive, Heavy Duty, and Small Engine Oils)
  • Final Drive Oils
  • Functional Products
  • Gear Oils (Automotive and Industrial Gear Oils)
  • Greases
  • Industrial Fluids
  • Industrial Gas Engine Oils
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Process Oils
  • Railroad Lubricants
  • Small Engine Products
  • Synthetic Products (Air compressor fluids, Auto engine oil, Autogear fluids, Greases, Heavy duty engine oils, hydraulic fluids, Hydrocarbon compressor fluids, Industrial gear oils, System cleaners, Transmission/Power Fluids, and Turbine fluids.)
  • Transmission / Power Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids

The hydraulic oils at CITGO are of both the highest quality and performance. We utilize and sell their entire line of hydraulic and industrial fluids with confidence in their reliability.

Fire Resistant Fluids

  • FR-40 XD® Hydraulic Fluid
  • Glycol FR-5046HP

Industrial Fluids

  • Amplex® Oils
  • AW 68 Mining Hydraulic Oil
  • A/W Hydraulic Oils
  • A/W Hydraulic Oils Super Series
  • Cylinder Oils
  • ELO 32
  • HyDurance® AW All Temp Fluids
  • HyDurance® AW CP Fluids
  • HyDurance® AW Fluids
  • HyDurance® AW Mining Fluid
  • HyDurance® AW NZ Fluids
  • HyDurance® AW Super NZ Fluid
  • HyDurance® AW Synthetic Fluids
  • HyDurance® AW/AL HVI 100 Fluid
  • Jet Lubricant TM
  • Pacemaker® Oils
  • Pacemaker® SD Oils
  • Pacemaker® T Oils
  • Pacemaker® XL-32 Oil
  • Sentry Oils

Click here to learn more about CITGO and their selection of lubricants and oils. If you have any questions or concerns about our stock or prices, give our team at Stirling Lubricants Inc. a call today!