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Champion Brands

Founded in 1956, Champion Brands has been a globally recognized leader in specialty lubricants for over 60 years. Champion produces over 300 products for a range of markets including automotive, agricultural, heavy truck, and specialty markets. Their product line includes fuel, brake fluid, oil and engine additives, and lubricants.

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Engine Oils

  • Racing Synthetic Blend – 10w30
  • Racing Full Synthetic- 10w30
  • Racing Synthetic Blend – 20w50
  • Racing Synthetic Blend – 10w40
  • Full Synthetic Micro Sprint Oil – 10w40
  • Full Synthetic Micro Sprint Oil – 20w50
  • Full Synthetic Karting Oil – 0w20
  • Racing Full Synthetic – 15w50
  • Racing Full Synthetic – 10w
  • Racing Full Synthetic – 0w20
  • Racing Full Synthetic – 0w30
  • Racing Synthetic Blend – SAE-50
  • Racing Synthetic Blend – SAE-60
  • Racing Synthetic Blend – SAE-70

Gear Oils

  • Racing Full Synthetic 75w90 Gear Lubricant
  • Racing Full Synthetic 75w140 Gear Lubricant

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