Castrol Products

At Stirling Lubricants Inc. in Rochester, NY, we feature a number of the best products offered by Castrol. Castrol’s team of Liquid Engineers develop lubricant, oil, and grease products to improve both productivity and profitability for your industry. Their advanced technology and state of the art performance more than live up to their stellar reputation.

Castrol’s top products include:

Castrol Alusol

Soluble and semi-soluble metalworking fluids designed for machining aluminum alloys.

  • Castrol Alusol 70
  • Castrol Alusol AU 68

Castrol Hysol

Soluble metalworking fluids used for ferrous metal machining operations.

  • Castrol Hysol MB 50
  • Castrol Hysol 10

Castrol Syntilo

Advanced cutting / grinding fluids that adjust cooling and lubricating performance to meet high machining speeds.

  • Castrol Syntilo 9930
  • Castrol Syntilo 9904
  • Castrol Syntilo 9913
  • Castrol Syntilo 9918
  • To name a few!

Castrol Optigear

High performance gear oils protecting against friction to keep your gearboxes more efficient.

  • Castrol Optigear Synthetic X
  • Castrol Optigear Synthetic PD
  • Castrol Optigear BM

Click here to learn more about Castrol Industrial products. If you have any questions or concerns about our stock or prices, give our team at Stirling Lubricants Inc. a call today!