Oils & Lubricants You Can Trust & Count On in Rochester, NY

Cutting Oils

Our cutting oils are made from 100% Pennsylvania crude oil, which makes some of the finest cutting oils.

Stamping Oils

Manufactured from solvent refined base stocks, stamping oil is a sulfur-chlorinated product that is able to take extreme pressure and has an anti-rust chemistry. With a wetting agent, stamping oil prevents water from washing away the lubricant on a metal’s surface. This oil improves and extends the life of a machine.

Quench Oil

Quenching oil is made to provide controlled cooling of steel, and helps in steel hardening. This oil resists any oxidizing effects of quenching and is less sensitive to any effects of agitation. Quench oil is heat resistant and does not require an additive replacement.

Way Oils

Way oils are used to lubricate machine tool ways and slides. Created from base oils, this oil helps to keep machinery from being loud and eliminate the possibility of sticking. By ensuring that machinery works properly, businesses will be able to ensure that production stays on track. Way oil is recommended for high-speed applications with grinders, planers, shapers, and screw machines.

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