Welcome to Stirling Lubricants Inc.

Quality Oil Manufacturing in Rochester, NY

For over 100 years, Stirling Lubricants Inc. has manufactured exceptional quality cutting oils, stamping oils, quench oils, and way oils. Our qualified experts in the field of distributing and blending oils have the years of experience needed to ensure that every batch is produced properly and is up to our high standards. We are proud to manufacture our oils per the needs and requirements of our different clients.

The Team You Can Trust for all of Your Cutting Oil Needs

Independently owned and operated, Stirling Lubricants stands dedicated to using only the highest quality of materials on the market today. This way, we know our clients are getting the best product that money can buy. Our products are used by a variety of different industries, including metal cutting industries, automotive industries, machining industries, rubber industries, and more. 

Under our name of Stirling Lubricants, we proudly manufacture oils and lubricants for different companies, including Brad Penn, Castrol, Bel-Ray, Summit, and Perkins. Our long standing commitment to our products and community come from century old roots in our field. Our staff is innovative, caring, and leaders in service. 

If you would like more information on any of our quality products, feel free to contact us at 585-461-8310 today!